Wykład Prof. Sang Chul Parka Tech University of Korea

W czwartek 20 października 2022 r. od godz.9.45-13.00 w s. 43 na WNPiD w ramach interdyscyplinarnego bloku przedmiotów odbył się wykład prof. Sang Chul Parka


1. Competition and Cooperation by Reshaping Global Supply and Value Chains in the Asia Pacific Region based on Mega FTAs and Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

Global economic environment has changed dramatically since the global financial crisis (GFC) in 2008. Since then, East Asia has become the hub of the global economic growth based on trade and FDI. As a result, the two Mega FTAs such as the RCEP and the CPTPP have been created for further regional economic integration and shaping regional and global supply chains. In order to check and control the Chinese expansion in the region, the USA has tried to return to East Asia not only as military and political power, but also economic power in the region and to attract East Asian countries including Oceanian by creating IPEF. Therefore, it is inevitable for the RCEP and the IPEF to compete with each other and at the same time for the CPTPP and the IPEF to cooperate with each other in the region for their economic security.

2. EU’s Public Governance for the Carbon Neutral Economic System and the Green Deal Strategy

Climate change is a reality affecting the global economy, politics, and society comprehensively. The EU has initiated its common climate and energy policies since 2007 in order to tackle global warming issues and set its policy target for the 20/20/20 strategy in 2009. It achieved its target in 2018 that is two years earlier than expected. Based on the policy result, the EU set its long term target to create the carbon neutral economic system by 2050. The Green Deal Strategy is its policy tool to achieve the final target.

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